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Are Angels Real?

The most famous bridge in Rome is filled with angels. They play a major role in the stories we share at Christmas. But what to think about these mysterious creatures? Are they real or fictional?

Which TV Series Should I Binge-watch?

I've been a cord-cutter since many years. I never watch regular television. There is so much content available on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Which television series should I binge-watch during my Christmas break?

When in Rome, Do This!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But what exactly do these Romans do? In this episode, Fr. Roderick shares his tips for your future visit to the Eternal City!

Walk With Me!

A combined show for listeners to The Walk, The Break and Geek Week! Walk with me as I talk about SQPN and Trideo continuing as independent platforms and about what you as a listener can look forward to in regard to these episodes.