Author - Trideo

Fortnite Battle Royal

In this episode: Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame; Tolkien TV show announced; revisiting Neverending Story; Fortnite Battle Royal and a review of the Oculus Go.

Old Vibes in a New Show!

Father Roderick goes back to a weekly show, streamed live on Facebook and available as a podcast afterwards! The new show brings back favorite segments of The Break and Geekweek, and is followed by an informal, weekly 'aftershow' that is made...

The Spirit of Change

About the importance of acting with discernment, clarity and courage when everything around you is changing.

Strange Adventures in Facebook Marketing

The first episode of Trideo's Star Wars documentary is live. What are the first reactions? Why is it so much harder to reach an audience on YouTube than it is on Facebook? Father Roderick shares his impressions during a morning walk in the...

Freshly Cut Grass

About Trideo's Star Wars Month, the Camino, Fairy Tales and the choice between a niche approach and personal branding.

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