Wolves and shepherds

In this episode, Fr. Roderick looks back at the Archdiocesan Youth Camp and shares his thoughts about the crisis in Pennsylvania.


In this episode, recorded live at Castlefest, you get treated with a soundseeing tour of the fair grounds. Discovering board games, cosplay and...

The art of feedback

In this episode Fr. Roderick talks about the difficulties and the benefits of giving constructive feedback.


In this episode: Heatwave in Holland; Mama Mia, Here We Don't Go Again; reviews of ComicCon trailers; training sacristans; hitting a health plateau...

Ant-man and The Wasp

In this episode: the Nijmegen Four Day Marches; reviews of How it Ends (Netflix) and Ant-man and The Wasp (cinema); Sister Marion's faith and first...

Sickness and health

In this episode, Fr. Roderick talks about the effects of a summer cold, shares the steps involved in preparing a TV episode and gives a progress...


In this episode: fighting a summer cold; Hitchcock's Vertigo vs. The Matrix; parish vision plan and Lando's Return.

Childlike wonder

In this episode: filming at The Efteling theme park; Adrift and Left Behind reviews; The Rapture in Catholicism; Jehova's Witnesses and toxic fan...

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